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What Do Workers Compensation Lawyers In Cairns Do?


There are so many different areas to the legal framework, so much so that it can be hard to keep track of what each area of the framework involves. Accidents happen all the time at work, particularly on construction sites. Any place where there is a lot of machinery, a lot of people and a lot going on, accidents are going to occur. The severity of these accidents can vary from workplace to workplace; it could be anything from a worker falling off a ladder and fracturing his/her arm or a crane collapsing, resulting in far more serious injuries. So, if you think you might need assistance from compensation lawyers in Cairns, here is a brief rundown on what they do and how they can help you!

What are the regulatory measures designed to do?

The regulatory framework is in place to protect workers who have been injured in the workplace. Some injuries sustained at work are so severe that it hinders a person’s ability to work or seek work in the future. Basically, if a person’s ability to work for income is affected by their injury, they are entitled to some form of payout from their employer or insurer.

These benefits or entitlements could be any of the following:

Main duties of compensation lawyers in Cairns

The primary goal of compensation lawyers in Cairns is to represent the claimant (e.g. the injured worker). Their role is to help him/her attain the benefits they deserve. On the other hand, the opposing solicitors’ roles are to mitigate the defendant’s liability (either the employer or the insurance company).

Focusing primarily on those representing the worker, these solicitors will generally perform the following duties.

Gathering medical evidence and medical records

Naturally, compensation lawyers in Cairns need to be privy to any medical information and records that may be relevant to the accident that occurred. Any pre-existing conditions could factor into the result for the claimant.

Performing research

General research is also a big part of the job description. This will involve information from the workplace site and where the accident occurred. Essentially, anything related to the accident and contributing factors will be documented during this stage.

Drafting documents

Your solicitors are also responsible for drafting all relevant documentations and preparing them for the courtroom. This will involve documents like motions, briefs, findings of facts and other relevant documents required for the case.

The claimant’s role

You might be surprised to know that compensation lawyers in Cairns can’t do all the work. The claimant(s) needs to be clear when articulating what happened before, during and after the accident. This will involve the claimant responding to questions from their solicitor, to ensure that both claimant and barrister are on the same page.

What do compensation lawyers in Cairns need to be good at?

These solicitors need to possess a wide variety of skills in order to excel at their job. They need to have a current and working knowledge of all relevant regulations and procedures. On top of that, they also need to possess effective written and oral communication skills, whilst also being an astute negotiator.

Your solicitor also needs to be a good researcher with a deeply analytical mind. Being able to think logically, coherently, and in some respects, creatively, is a crucial part of the job description.

At the end of the day, you want a team of compensation lawyers in Cairns who will fight for your rights as an employee. If you have been injured on site or in the workplace, make sure you get in touch with a solicitor straight away!

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