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The Origin And Benefits Of A Sensual Massage


Receiving a sensual massage is a great way to build intimacy and closeness. With the busyness and stress of life and time constraints, it can be hard to find time to spark passionate romance with your loved one. Unlike popular stigma and taboo remarks, an erotic massage relaxes and stimulates.

Sensual massages originate in eastern Asia, where some of the world’s most popular parlours exist and it is considered a fine art. Some of the cheapest services are available in these developing countries. However, local businesses in developed nations also offer the same pleasurable experience in convenient, hygienic locations.

This craft has likely existed for centuries. With increased medical knowledge, many of these practices have been refined to better stimulate and relieve areas pain or tension in the body where stress can build up. Applying pressure to sore areas of the body is known to help all muscles, ligaments, connecting tissue, joints and tendons along with stimulating circulation. Sensual massages can be for both male or female recipients.

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest lures is the development of a physical and spiritual connection. Many outlets are delicately scented with aromatherapy candles or similar essential oils to stimulate the senses. This includes climate-controlled environments with steam, or body oils to moisturise and lubricate the skin. Body oil also naturally exfoliates to naturally retain a positive radiant glow throughout your body. For many, the lure of a pretty masseuse is enough to arouse affection and relaxation. This excitement increases dopamine and serotonin production which naturally tranquilises the body with pleasurable hormones.

Personal responses to these treatment options will be depend on your preferences and can also be linked to your social personality. In other words, how comfortable you find yourself in that environment and whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. (Introverts being more likely to be shy and reclusive during a sensual massage). Because positive energy comes from these procedures it can help to refresh the mind with clarity.

In many instances where you may feel uncomfortable, you can choose to cover your private parts with a small towel. These intimate treatments have also been known to enhance sexual performance and drive. Not every massage therapist will massage your intimate areas, (keep in mind that this should not be confused with a sexual massage), however targeting other areas will also improve performance. Indicative of how it can also boost overall health, including boosting overall immunity.

Culturally, a sensual massage can also be called yoni, which roughly translates to ‘sacred space.’ This word is typically used in reference to the female genital region which is given respect and honour. All of these treatments are designed to help you feel comfortable and more in tune with your body.

It isn’t uncommon for people to have climaxed and to have even experienced multiple orgasms. But depending on your personal comfort level, it does not have to be invasive, the experience is more emotional than physical.

As such, the acupuncture will be better received with preparation – preparation of the mind, body, and space. Take a few moments before and after to do some deep guided breathing. Go in with an open heart and mind. Artificially creating high expectations or starting your sensual massage with negative feelings will likely dull the experience. Procedures will generally build up with soft kneading and rubbing, to harder pressing or pushing.

Above all, be open with your masseuse, let her know what feels best for you. Be vocal about adapting your environment to best suit you. Perhaps you prefer a different scent, or prefer using extra towel.

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