The new services that emerged as business

Entrepreneurs are today coming up with new kinds of services to make everyone’s lifestyle easy. The emergence of startup has made the world open to new services.

The service industry world over is going through a transformation. Therefore there are new services, new aid and a better form of living. Here are some of the new services that made headlines.

  • Dry clean pickup and delivery

The emergence of startup first hit the common problems and their aids. So getting the service of dry cleaning from doorstep to doorstep with affordable prices got quite famous.

  • Pick-up and delivery

The bad traffic system is to be blamed for this. You don’t need to travel hours into traffic to get your things delivered. Hire a serviceman who shall pick up and deliver the thing to the right address on minimal fee.

  • Decluttering & disposal

If you don’t have time for de-cluttering the house, you can hire someone to do it for you. The service is quite popular amongst people who have busy schedules.

  • Fashion Stylist & personal shopper

Shopping can be strenuous for people too. When you aren’t good at choosing clothes for yourself, you can hire someone who shops the right clothes for you and assures that you look good everywhere.

  • Mobile pet grooming

Having a pet is quite a task too. Taking care of the pet, cleaning and grooming them regularly, takes time. The mobile pet grooming service is where a professional arrives at your doorstep to do it for you.

  • Travel Planner

Travel planner is someone who takes care of all your travels. This includes the daily commute as well as the off city travels. They book the cabs, tickets and assure all your bookings are in place.

With new ideas have come new job opportunities. Have you experienced some new services around you?


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