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Is The Dentist Near Me The Best Practitioner To Manage My Oral Health?

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The dentist near me already holds one major advantage over competitors – their location.

It is convenient to be able to walk, cycle, drive or catch public transport to a practice that is in close proximity to home.

However, this should not be an indication of expertise or quality, simply a byproduct of their real estate selection.

Your oral health is too important a consideration to leave this subject to chance, requiring a degree of research and discussion to identify the right practice for your needs.

Here we will pose the key questions that should be asked internally, leading to a short but effective research endeavour that will identify the best candidate for the job.

Do They Have The Necessary Experience?

Experience counts for a great deal when deciding if the dentist near me is the best practitioner to manage your oral health. From alleviating the stress and anxiety felt before arriving and when sitting in the chair to offering different approaches that are more beneficial, this wide lens perspective is often a byproduct of industry related experience. Others who are new to the scene and not well versed in catering to patients for years might wish to stick to stagnant structures and policies that are right by the book, but not necessarily right by the patient. Building that patient-to-dentist trust takes time and time requires experience.

Does The Practice Have Updated Dental Technology?

There will be materials that are reserved for dental surgeons specifically and won’t be located at every generic practice. However, it is always beneficial for the dentist near me to be equipped with the latest in dental technology for the 2019 patient. From digital x-rays and laser technology to Invisalign for unobtrusive teeth alignment purposes and an intraoral camera for in-depth insight and analysis, these products can transform what a standard dentist can offer their local patients. At the very least, they should have established local partnerships with nearby medical outlets to offer these services for patients.

Is the Practice Good at Communication and Bookings?

It is forever frustrating to find out that a visitation with the dentist near me has been pushed back or delayed, and many times this will be a result of poor communication. Time is an asset that many patients cannot afford and whilst it is beneficial for them to have flexibility on behalf of the customer, they need to be notified if there is an issue with their original booking. These appointments can take weeks to source and hours to undertake, so the sooner these issues are communicated effectively, the better for all parties.

Is The Practice Well Reviewed By Local Constituents?


From the pricing policies, inclusion of public health cover, private health insurance, waiting times and care given by the practitioner, the dentist near me will be openly reviewed by patients young and old. The internet has opened up pathways and removed barriers that were previously preventing individuals from making sound judgements based on their reputation in the community. When seeking to source the best outlet, it is always good practice to check their ratings out of 5 stars and the written feedback left by others.

If all of these questions have been asked openly and honestly about the dentist near me, then the patient will be well positioned to make a sound judgment on their credentials. A number of these visitations simply involve a checkup and a quick scrape to remove unwanted plaque before a wash and rinse, but any practice about that level will require an expert medical eye to perform the duties well. Constituents should not just accept the nearby dentist because they are convenient to visit, instead widening their scope.

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