Choosing The Best Massage Chair

massage chair

Trying to find the best massage chair for you is not an easy choice. With such a wide variety of choice, the best place to start is to begin by deeply pondering why you would like a massage chair. When you understand the reasons behind your purchase decision, it will be much easier to focus your requirements on the available features. And then to think about your budget.

Material choice

Just like when you choose a couch, the material and upholstery matters. Chances are, you want something comfy. The best massage chairs will usually come in two different materials – leather or synthetic. Leather not only adds a premium finish but is extremely durable. With the being said, modern synthetic materials are designed to be more durable to wear and tear, and heat. Of course, you can’t overlook the classic leather finish, but the ultimate choice is yours.


Some of the best massage chairs can cost as much as some decent second-hand cars with prices over $10,000 in the high-end. In contrast, inexpensive recliners can only run you a few hundred dollars with the cheapest therapeutic chair pads and cushions costing you less than $100.

Therapeutic features

Deep tissue massage is another way to explain the 3D reflexology technology. This is where rollers are able to extend to different depths and follow the curve of your spine. Loosening arching muscles to release tension.

Zero gravity is where strain and pressure is released from your spine by lifting your knees above you heart. These orientations usually place you lying face up parallel to the ground. The idea is that your body weight helps to push down on the rollers resulting in a deeper massage. The best massage chairs are marketed as zero gravity because of the apparent reduction of weight felt.

Therapeutic heat uses cushion pads in leg ports and other areas gently warm the body to stimulate relaxation and muscle relief. Unfortunately, models that support this feature are costly. Especially in products that output high heat. Not every sofa will offer temperature control either.

The best massage chairs have in built calf and foot rubs. Airbags expand and compress tightening around the legs and feet. Platforms where the feet are placed may also vibrate or contain rollers that extend along the length of your sole. Being able to focus the rollers and target specific relief areas of your back is another welcome feature.

Body stretch where pressure is released from compressed discs in the spine. The best massage chairs that support this will flex and open outwards to arc your back and tighten your waist twisting your hips to increase motion in your lower back.

Recliner technology

Almost all recliners work with moving rollers. Many cheap, low-end chairs will have a fixed frame with heads that do not rotate. Because of the limited range of motion, these recliners do not give the best experience. Other rollers work along an x- and y-axis which targets bigger areas. The best massage chairs have multiple rollers with various arrays for a better experience.

Sophisticated adjustment machines now include onboard technology to scan your body to locate pressure points and reposition the rollers. This eliminates the need to uncomfortable wiggle in your seat to find the best position. Other models prefer to use manual adjustment, although programming to desired specifications can take a while. Different pre-sets may also be saved so multiple users can use the machine.

A sleuth of kneading options are now available depending on your desired speed and intensity from tapping to deep rubbing. One such example is the option for shiatsu therapy.

Shiatsu machines work in harmony with traditional Japanese therapy. It utilises different acupuncture points to release tension. It is believed that these techniques improve the body’s energy flow known as qi to restore balance. Therapists believe this method will uplift mood and relax the mind. Some of the best massage chairs use shiatsu therapy.

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