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Addressing Misconceptions About Installing Fake Grass For Sydney Residents

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Installing fake grass for Sydney residents is a commonsense approach that provides long-term value for a city property.

From Bondi in the East to Manly on the Northern Beaches, Redfern in the CBD, Abbotsford in the Inner West and Castle Hill in the Hills District, homeowners stand to gain from the exercise.

However, there are some public misconceptions that can turn off members of the community without giving the project serious consideration.

Rather than taking these rumours and baseless speculation at face value, it is important to address them directly.

Misconception 1: “People Can Tell The Difference Between Real and Fake Grass”

While there might be some industry experts who could spot fake grass for Sydney residents in isolation, the majority of residents, guests and real estate parties won’t be able to differentiate between a healthy and well-kept natural yard from an artificial one. The only instance where this point of difference is laid to bare is when a synthetic front lawn is installed and placed side-by-side against the real thing where damage, erosion and deterioration is widespread.

Misconception 2: “Artificial Turf Damages The Environment”

There is an instinct among consumers that simply replacing a natural piece of turf with a synthetic model adversely impacts the environment. Whilst that principle can be true in some circumstances, it is a misconception when it comes to implementing fake grass for Sydney residents. These items happen to mitigate against the need for watering, for mowing and the inclusion of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. These elements are money savers but they also happen to be beneficial for the environment to lower the carbon footprint for individual properties.

Misconception 3: “Fake Grass Still Requires Maintenance and Conditioning”

Arguably the top feature that is evident with fake grass for Sydney residents is that they have their weekends and holidays free from mowing and maintenance concerns. No more watering, no more fertiliser – just sit back and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the product. The synthetic fibers don’t encounter any pests or attract any unwanted protection, upholding the integrity of the lawn across all seasons from January through to December.

Misconception 4: “All Fake Grass Is Uniform For Every Client”

There are a number of different approaches that providers can take to ensure they are looking after the client’s best interests and offering a product that is suitable to their native terrain. In some cases fake grass for Sydney residents will be crafted from nylon, for others it will be polyester whereas different locations will prefer polypropylene. The texture will vary, the colour will alter as well as the height level. This illustrates that the industry offers far more than a one-size-fits-all model for local Sydney residents.

Misconception 5: “The Project Is Too Expensive”

For those who are looking at fake grass for Sydney residents, they will be able to engage local providers for an obligation-free assessment and quote of their property. From those that want to utilise a portion of artificial lawn for a small space between a yard or covering across a quarter acre block for a more extensive implementation, the pricing will be structured accordingly. Once the fee has been translated, consumers will be saving in the intervening months and years as mower maintenance, petrol, pesticides and water consumption drops dramatically to put money back into the savings account. 

A misconception is defined as a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. Yet it can also be a result of the spread of misinformation and while providers of artificial turf in the city will outline the facts for locals, it is up to each individual consumer to take onboard the facts for themselves. When they do understand the benefits that can be found with fake grass for Sydney residents, the choice becomes clear.

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