8 Engagement Rings Trends to Expect in the Next Decade

engagement ring

Times are a-changin’, and so are engagement rings styles. If you’re curious as to what you’ll be seeing on your Instagram feed in 2020, read on to find out.

Here are the top 8 wedding jewellery trends in Temple and Grace you’re likely to see over the next decade:

1.     Sustainability

The millennials are starting to tie the knot, which means we can expect a huge increase in demand for transparent and sustainably produced jewellery. Young consumers want to align their values with the brands they purchase from, which means they’ll be looking for ethically-sourced stones from respectable companies – particularly small, bespoke businesses.

2.     Double bands

Double or even triple wedding bands offer soon-to-be brides a fresh, modern take on traditional engagement rings. Those that want a classic stone shape can easily make it trendy by using a double band.

3.     Yellow gold

Prepare to say goodbye to rose gold and hello to yellow gold. Bright golds are losing their gaudy 90s status and fast becoming chic thanks to Meghan Markle’s flashy wedding bands. Yellow gold looks particularly stunning when paired with transparent or white diamonds.

4.     Several stones

Why have one diamond when you can have two!? Engagement rings which feature multiple stones are fast becoming one of the biggest trends thanks to (again) Meghan Markle, who sports a three-stone band. They look lovely stacked with other bands.

5.     Unique designs

Modern consumers are increasingly looking for styles which break tradition and capture their unique personality and fashion sense. As such, you can expect to see non-traditional shapes such as half-moons, shields, trilliants and bullets. Pear-cuts are already becoming big thanks to Ariana Grande sporting the look earlier this year.

6.     Coloured stones

Expect to see more colours on your newsfeed over the next decade as people make efforts to stand out, with black diamonds, emeralds and sapphires becoming increasingly popular. Indian-inspired engagement rings are also becoming popular thanks to their colourful nature. Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz are just two celebrities who have helped popularise the trend.

7.     Vintage

Retro is back, and so is the Art Deco asscher cut. You can easily add a modern touch to this old-fashioned cut by using a thin, delicate band. Or if you want to be really different, considering swapping your diamond for a shiny, white pearl; this offers a touch of feminine grace that many won’t expect. Perhaps we have Downton Abbey to thank for the vintage comeback.

8.     Dramatic

In a similar vein, dramatic engagement rings are in vogue. Many are opting for a large statement marquise or emerald-shaped diamond at the centre of a thick band, and then making it even more extra by adding other gems on either side.

Where to buy ethical bands

Most people are now aware of the dark side of the global diamond trade, which funds civil wars, exploits its workers, and degrades the environment. Knowing this, where are we to find a sustainable and ethical engagement rings supplier? You’ll tend to find that most ethical suppliers are small and/or bespoke businesses, rather than large companies.

You should be able to find a local supplier by doing a Google search. Alternatively, there are several sustainable wedding expos that you may be able to attend – these should include a range of eco-friendly vendors.

The trends for engagement rings over the next decade are varied, with everything from Art Deco to minimalism considered chic. Expect to see lots of colour and sparkle in your newsfeed next year – just make sure that if you’re buying one, you use an ethical supplier!

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